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Elden Ring player receives thoughtful gift inspired by dog meme

The only gift I got out of Elden Ring was sleepless nights.

Elden Ring is still a new game. However, the amount of content and mass of creations we've seen come after its release would make you think otherwise. Most recently, one player of the RPG has been in receipt of a rather thoughtful gift from their significant other.

The cute present is small but powerful and makes direct reference to the dog meme that many players will be familiar with. If I'm being honest, I'm slightly jealous. The only thing Elden Ring gifted me was a game-related hangover in which I couldn't stop talking to any willing victim about the title.

The dog meme is not the only meme to arise from Elden Ring, but is certainly one of the most popular and unavoidable. If you're not familiar, your mind may be refreshed when I mention it is related to Elden Ring's messaging system.

Still not familiar? Well, the Elden Ring dog meme when players realised they need not be encouraging or helpful in order to earn appraisals on their messages. Instead, you can just be funny. Roll on an onslaught of creatures being labelled 'dog', as shown below.

Now, the 'Behold dog!' and 'Praise dog!' messages will usually mean one of two things. The first being that you're likely facing a harmless creature, such as Miriel, Paster of Vows or Merchant Kale's own horse. The second meaning arises when you find these messages outside of boss arenas; in this instance, don't praise the dog... you should probably focus on fighting.

First reported by GameRant, one player took to the subreddit to share the gift they'd received inspired by the meme, and it doesn't disappoint. User GeoHol92 shared an image of a small, detailed sketch of one of Elden Ring's many turtles, accompanied by text reading 'dog' (in the font of Elden Ring's messages).

Apparently, the user's significant other gives them a game-related gift every time they manage to Platinum a title; this dog meme inspired gift is their reward for completing Elden Ring in its entirety.

It's been somewhat heartwarming to see just how much Elden Ring has captivated its audience, and to see all of the content that has arose from it since release. Just last week, we saw Reddit users discuss which Elden Ring lines make the best pillow talk, and another player managed to beat the game using a piano.

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