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Elden Ring player makes improvisational jazz by beating the game with a piano

There's more than one way to beat FromSoftware's latest.

Elden Ring wouldn't be a true FromSoftware game if it didn't have people playing it in weird ways, like this one player who beat the game using a piano.

With the flexibility of Elden Ring's builds, there's a whole number of ways to beat the game. You like big swords? You can get a big sword! Or maybe you like to do self imposed challenge runs, like not taking a single hit. Alternatively, you can beat the game by using a piano as a controller, just to really shake things up a bit (thanks, Eurogamer).

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This particular accomplishment was pulled off by Omunchkin, who by watching a number of tutorials hooked up a MIDI piano to their PC, and assigned the various piano keys to the keyboard keys needed to play the game.

However, Omunchkin was essentially playing the Dark Souls of using a piano to play Elden Ring, as the YouTuber was using a demo version of the software that let him map the keyboard inputs to the piano. This meant that the software would only last 20 minutes at a time, forcibly shutting itself down once time ran out.

Omunchkin also didn't opt to mute the piano, meaning the entire run is something of a cacophony of repetitive button presses. Which doesn't make it the most beautiful of things to listen to, but hey, he's the one that managed to beat the game using a piano so who are we to complain.

For the most part he stuck to the main questline, with the only major side boss he took on being General Radahn and his tiny, player-tracking horse. The full run is worth a watch even if improvisational jazz isn't your cup of tea, if only for the sense of vindication that comes from seeing so many of these pain in the ass gods getting taken down by a literal keyboard.

Watch on YouTube

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