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Absolute pro beats Elden Ring without rolling, running, jumping or riding a horse

The mother of all Elden Ring challenge runs unexpectedly comes from being well overweight.

With any FromSoftware release – and really any game that's challenging enough – some brave soul always attempts to make things much harder on themselves by imposing ridiculous rules or limitations upon their setup. Elden Ring is no exception, and the latest form of this trend is one that's a little unusual.

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YouTuber Iron Pineapple has recently proven that you can beat Elden Ring without dealing a single point of damage, and even managed to beat the game at level one before that.

Their latest adventure is one that actually ended up being the hardest, even if it may not appear that way at first glance. The challenge this time was whether or not they could beat Elden Ring by being over the maximum equipment load. No, that doesn't simply mean you're fat-rolling, or that you're overburdened.

The state their character is in is one no Elden Ring player ever wants to be in. Iron Pineapple intentionally pushed their equipment load beyond the absolute max (158.1). This Overloaded state disables rolling, jumping, as well as running. Being in this state also negatively affects your stamina regeneration, which makes it harder to remain on the offensive.

To make the run even more gruelling, the YouTuber decided not to use a horse for the entirety of the playthrough - meaning they're going to be slowly walking across the Lands Between!

As you're about to see, their journey came with several, unexpected surprises. For instance, several parts of Elden Ring's world were designed with jumping - or horseback riding - in mind. If you remove those two those mechanics, chest-high walls suddenly become insurmountable. But with some creative thinking, Iron Pineapple used a few of the game's tools in... unintended ways... to jump through those hoops.

The video is well worth watching for fans of creative problem-solving, particularly the deeper into the run it gets.

Watch on YouTube

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