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How do you solve the Mirage Riddle and "Touch Three Phantom Crests" in Elden Ring?

More than meets the eye

In the west of Atlus Plateau in Elden Ring is the Mirage Riddle, located in a mysterious disappearing tower hides at the bottom of a valley called Mirage Rise.

Nearby, an equally mysterious lectern tasks you to “touch three phantom crests” and somehow thrusts a sheet of paper into your hands.

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Here are the steps you need to follow to hunt down the Phantom Crest locations, solve the Mirage Riddle, and claim the secrets of Mirage Rise.

How do you solve the Mirage Riddle and "Touch Three Phantom Crests" in Elden Ring?

From the mysterious lectern, you can probably figure out where the first Phantom Crest is: right next to the lectern.

Approach it and interact with the phantom crest to make it disappear.

Next, go into your inventory, head to the last tab and press the button prompt (X on Xbox style controllers, Square on PlayStation) to investigate the Mirage Riddle.

On the map, you can see three Xs. One near the foot of the tower, one to the left of it, and one far below it.

The trick with this map is that it’s flipped to one side, so the X to the left of the tower is actually to the southwest of your position.

Ride over there and as you approach, spectral imp enemies will constantly spawn and attack you.

They are very frustrating foes, and your best bet is to ride in as quickly as possible, interact with the phantom crest, then ride away again. Otherwise they just infinitely respawn.

Finally, the last phantom crest is to the east of the lectern, near the underside of the crumbling bridge.

As you approach from the west, look up the hill to your right and hop up there.

Overlooking the foggy area below is a large rock. Strike it with your weapon or fist and it will change into the final phantom crest.

With your task complete, return to the lectern and you will find the Mirage Rise now visible.

Make your way to the top and claim your prizes from the body and the treasure chest on your left, including the Unseen Blade sorcery, a nifty gimmick good for PvP.

More goodies for mage characters, but a fun little side-quest even if you’re not going to use the magic.

For more on the secrets of The Lands Between, check out our Elden Ring guide.

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