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Knock Elden Ring's Malenia out of her unfairly OP attack with this simple method

Arguably the most devastating attack in Malenia's arsenal can be negated with the right tool.

Elden Ring has its fair share of ultra-tough bosses, many of which are optional. But one boss fight in particular still has people talking, weeks after the game came out. That being, of course, the Malenia, Blade of Miquella battle, which is quite the unusual skill test.

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Malenia is hidden away deep in a secret area that you can only reach after solving a puzzle in a different hidden area. If you made it through all of those challenges, it wouldn’t surprise you to learn that the main boss of the area will cause you a little bit of trouble.

As with most of the big boss fights in Elden Ring, Malenia's has two phases. But aside from her main gimmick of healing anytime she lands a hit, her most dangerous attack in the first phase is the Waterfowl Dance, otherwise known as the anime bullshit move.

The Waterfowl Dance is quite the spectacle, and it sees Malenia leap into the air and land to perform a multi-slash whirlwind combo somewhat resembling the shape of a sphere. Not only is that attack animation long, she performs it over several intervals. You can dodge every one of them if you're good enough (and our Malenia boss guide recommends you just back off and let her finish), but most players get hit; hence why it's her most devastating attack in that phase.

There is, however, an ingenious, shockingly simple counter to this move. As Reddit user ToxicBird7 discovered, you can knock Malenia out of this attack, cancelling it entirely, with one throw of a Freezing Pot.

When it connects, the Freezing Pot forces Malenia to cease, land back on the ground and continue the fight normally. To craft the Freezing Pot, you need three items: The Glintstone Craftsman's Cookbook 6 (which includes the receipe), one Ritual Pot, and two Rimed Crystal Buds.

The video above has ToxicBird7 showing exactly where to get all pieces and craft the Freezing Pot. When thrown, the Freezing Pot causes an immediate, large amount of Frost build-up. Malenia does take Frost damage, but it's not clear why this particular item ends the attack, rather than slow it down.

If you're struggling with Malenia, or any of the game's major bosses, our Elden Ring boss walkthrough will teach you how to easily beat all of them.

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