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Elden Ring fashion line will certainly tarnish your wallet

Big boss fights clearly require big spenders.

Elden Ring is getting an official fashion line, and while some it is looking pretty good, you'll probably have to sell one of your kidneys to afford any of it.

Earlier today, luxury fashion brand ARK/8 revealed that it's collaborating with FromSoftware for an Elden Ring-themed lineup of clothing items, of which there are eight that can easily drain your wallet. I'm not sold on everything it has to offer, but it does have some pretty fun pieces I could genuinely see myself wearing. There's the Lands Between bomber jacket which features a print of the game's map, which honestly looks surprisingly good! Sorry, what's that? It's £875? Ah, nevermind then, better luck next time.

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Well, there's also the boss mist sweater, which is a quite cosy looking oversized jumper that has a pattern on it that looks like the gold mist you'd see before entering a boss room. Oh, hang on, sorry, that one's £280, can't really afford that one either. Well what about the boss door t-shirt, which literally just features one of the game's boss entrances that looks fairly nondescript? £100? I don't think I'm allowed to write the kind of expletives I'm thinking of. At least the £1400 faux fur runes coat makes some amount of sense, even if it is a bit ugly in all honesty.

According to an interview with NME, ARK/8 creative director Dimitri van Eetvelde called it a "passion project" of his, as he's been a fan of the series since Demon's Souls. "After getting killed by the second boss about 50 times I just unplugged my PS3, went outside, and left it there for a few hours because I couldn’t deal with it anymore," he said. "But I was fascinated by the worldbuilding…

"There’s a lot of substance to that game, and that’s what we’re trying to do on the clothing side as well. We really take our time to create collections, and I hope we’re able to convey that there’s a lot of depth and investment in the items we create. It’s not just about releasing a basic sweater with a great graphic – we really tried to go beyond that."

I mean, the boss door t-shirt pretty much is just a t-shirt with a graphic on it, but hey, I'm not a fashion expert, what do I know right?

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