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El Presidente returns in Tropico 4 on PC

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Kalypso Media has announced Tropico 4 is currently in development by Haemimont Games for PC.

News on a possible console version of Tropico 4 will be made available soon.

In Tropico 4, El Presidente returns to the island of Tropico, and this time, he’s bringing new enemies and allies  as he fights to make the island into a superpower.

New content and gameplay features will influence whether he can create  said superpower, or become nothing more than a island ruler.

There's all new missions across new maps and new features like electing ministers to help you get what you want out of the island. Buying them off, basically. Other features include Facebook and Twitter integration and the ability to compare your interactive Dictator ranking on the online leaderboards.


  • New campaign consisting of 20 missions on 10 new maps
  • 20 new buildings including Stock Exchange, Shopping mall, Aqua Park and a Mausoleum to El Presidente
  • Six new Interactive disasters including volcanoes, droughts and tornadoes
  • Council of Ministers - appoint selected citizens to ministerial posts in the government to help push through your more controversial decisions
  • National Agenda – receive objectives from Tropican factions, foreign geopolitical powers or opportunities relating to current island events such as ongoing disasters
  • Facebook and Twitter integration – post live Tweets directly from the game or create posts automatically upon completion of missions, unlocking achievements, etc. Store and display achievements on a Tropico 4 Facebook page and see their how your Dictator rankings fare against other players (PC only feature)
  • Screenshot gallery – take screenshots of your tropical paradise and share on your Facebook page (PC only feature)
  • Trading system - import and export goods to/from other nations to boost your economy or production

Tropico 4 is scheduled for release during Q2 2011.

Thanks, BULarmy.


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