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EA shows off Shadows of the Damned at TGS showcase - first trailer and screens inside

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Following its reveal in Famitsu this morning, EA's finally formally unveiled Shadows of the Damned, the long anticipated horror collaboration from EA Partners, Goichi Suda's Grasshopper Manufacture and Resident Evil creator Shinji Mikami.

Get the trailer shown at EA's Tokyo Showcase below as well as the first screenshots.

Executive producer Suda 51, audio designer Akira Yamaoka and creative producer Shinji Mikami took to the stage to unveil the game for the first time, where Suda said he had been looking to work with Mikami "for a long time".

He added that EA Partners was picked as publisher because it was "absolutely capable" of bringing the game to a wider audience.

"The reason why we chose EA as our publisher, was because they were absolutely capable of bringing our game to a bigger, global audience, and they showed a great interest and passion for this game," said Suda.

"It's one of the greatest games I've ever worked on in my lifetime."

The game sees main character Garcia on a trip to hell to save his true love Paula.

Mikami said it was a "phychological action thriller," and added it had a "punk-rock style". Even though it is a horror title, Mikami added it will have its light moments.

The game is meant to be seen as "intense", no matter what amount of light moments, with Suda calling it the best game he's ever worked on.

Yamaoka said with Damned, he's enjoying every moment's he's working with it.

Video starts with Garcia on a bike outside what appears to be the entrance of Hell, with segements of the over the shoulder gameplay that was mentioned in Famitsu, as well as bits with him and lover Paula.

Soon after the showing, EA press released the reveal. Obviously, EA Partners boss David DeMartini is quite the happy chap.

"We are honored to be working with Suda-san and Mikami-san and all of the wonderfully creative minds at Grasshopper. This is one of the most daring and innovative projects in the EA Partners program ," said DeMartini.

The game launches next summer for PS3 and 360. Trailer's below the screens.

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