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EA, Mikami-Grasshopper horror called Shadow of the DAMNED


Famitsu's dished the first information on the new EA Partners-led horror title from Resident Evil creator Shinji Mikami and Suda 51's Grasshoper Manufacture - it's known as Shadow of the DAMNED.

The main character is a "demon killer" who rides on a bike while fightning off "denizens of the underworld," according to 1UP

The site reports that the game shows off a Resident Evil 4-like perspective while the main character fights his enemies.

The mag says it'll be out next spring for PS3 and 360, according to Andriasang, although 1UP claims it's next summer.

EA's TGS Showcase is due to take place within the next couple of hours, beginning at 8am BST. Expect EA to press release it then.

Get full details on the conference here.

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