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Grasshopper looking at Shadows of the Damned 2

Grasshopper is keen on a Shadows of the Damned sequel, with composter Akira Yamaoka telling Eurogamer he'd like to see a new installment.

"I'm thinking of a sequel, actually," Yamaoka said at the London launch event for Sine Mora yesterday. "I can't tell you here, but clearly I'd like to."

EA Partners published the first game, and going by Yamaoka's remarks, it could be up for a second.

"Probably," he noted before adding, "Well, yes."

Grasshopper and EA launched Shadows of the Damned to critical acclaim last summer and became a cult hit in the process, but essentially tanked at its release in terms of sales, meaning a sequel would effectively be a no go - at least, that was the general thought.

Grasshopper's latest effort, Sine Mora, is out now on Xbox Live Arcade.

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