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E3 2018: PUBG Sanhok launches next week on PC, snow map coming this winter

Microsoft manged to make time for a couple of PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds announcements at its E3 2018 briefing.

PlayerUnknown didn't take the stage this time like he did last year, but we still got a pretty nifty trailer stuffed full of news.

For starters, we got an official release date for the tropical map Sanhok, which only just left testing. Snahok launches June 22 on PC, with the Xbox One version due out in late summer.

The last few seconds of the trailer gave us our first glimpse at the game's upcoming snow map, which the developer has been talking about for about a year now. The snow map wasn't given a proper name, and PUBG Corp. stressed that it's still early days.

That said, the developer announced that the snow map will see release this winter on PC, and Xbox One. Interestingly, the snow map won't just look different from the maps available today, it'll also have unique mechanics built around the snowy terrain.

This could mean anything, but we're guessing we'll be following tracks left by other players in the snow.

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Outside of map news, the trailer gave us a pretty good look at the ballistic shield. The ballistic shield takes up your primary weapon slot, and can be used with sidearms, SMGs, melee weapons, and of course throwables.

It blocks 100% of bullets from the front, and should be great for pushing an enemy as a squad whenever there's little cover around you. The ballistic shield will first come to PUBG's War mode later this year, for PC and Xbox One.

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