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Driver San Francisco dev opens 40 positions for Watch Dogs development

Driver San Francisco developer Reflections is hiring for work on Ubisoft's incoming hacker title Watch Dogs, as well as the Just Dance franchise. 40 new roles have opened at the studio.

Speaking withDevelop, general manager of Ubisoft Reflections Giselle Stewart said, “Reflections is pleased to announce the creation of over 40 permanent roles at our Newcastle office. As Ubisoft’s only UK studio, Reflections are working on a number of exciting projects and global collaborations, including Watch Dogs and Just Dance."

“Our goal is to attract senior and experienced programmers, game designers and artists to work at Reflections, bringing our team to around 200 developers," Stewart added, "This new growth is recognition of Reflections innovation, creativity and passion for making the best games in the UK and the world.”

It follows a recruitment video posted by Ubisoft, which you can check out here:

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