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DICE is taking requests for a new map in Battlefield 1 beta

If you've played quite a bit of the Battlefield 1 beta already, and you wish it had one more map, there may be good news.


DICE surprised everyone when it revealed that the Battlefield 1 beta is going to have a different map from the alpha. Everyone expected the map available in the alpha, St. Quentin Scar, to return with the beta.

The beta has the Sinai Desert map, of course, but it's only left the door open for fans to keep asking the developer to also add the alpha map into the beta.

It seems DICE may actually do it. The Battlefield Twitter account has been getting endless requests from players to add a new map to the beta, usually the official answer is somewhere along the lines of "thanks for your feedback", but this has changed a bit in recent days.

As you can see below, whoever is running the account now refers people to the Battlefield forums, saying that the studio is "taking suggestions" for an alternate map. It could be nothing, but it definitely makes sense for the studio to add another map, even for a limited time.

If there's truly a plan to add a new map to the beta, it won't be the first time the developer has done so with one of its betas. The Battlefield 3 beta famously received Caspian Border during its last few days, after fans complained the Operation Metro map wasn't representative of what the Battlefield series is known for.

In addition, despite already announcing an end date, DICE could simply extend it to the weekend.

We'll have to wait and see.

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