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All Diablo 4 waypoints unlockable in Act 1

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There's a handful of waypoints you can unlock in the first act of Diablo 4 to make traveling through Sanctuary a bit less hellish, though if you’re hoping for frequent fast travel, you may be disappointed.

Waypoints in Diablo 4 only spring up in settled areas. Fractured Peaks, the vast starting region, has just seven of those, with plenty of space in between them. Annoying as it sounds, it’s usually worth tracking them down even if you don’t plan on coming back.

Most waypoint locations offer easy access to a smithy or vendor or, if not that, at least have a dungeon, class ability challenge, or event nearby.

This guide includes all the waypoints available early on in Diablo.

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Diablo 4 waypoint locations

The image above shows all seven waypoints in Fractured Peaks. If you die in the wilderness, you’ll respawn at the nearest or most recent waypoint in most cases. After the tutorial in Nevesk, that’ll be Kyovashad until you unlock a few more. Some waypoints are right inside a settlement’s gate, though you’ll need to hunt a few of them down. Check your mini-map for the telltale blue marking if you have trouble finding one.

Nevesk waypoint

You have to actually venture back to Nevesk to activate the waypoint there once you visit Kyovashad, or that’s what I had to do during the first beta at least. There’s a few points of interest here, including some low-level quests and an aspect for the Druid.

Kyovashad waypoint

You’re prompted to activate this waypoint after reaching the city with the hermit in tow. Make sure to check out the surrounding shops and offload your Murmuring Obols, if you’ve completed any events by the time you get here.

Margrave waypoint

Margrave is south of Kyovashad in the Dobrev Taiga region, and the waypoint is basically just a convenient travel point anytime you have business nearby. Margrave isn’t spectacularly interesting, though you can pick up a few quests and head east to challenge the Maulwood dungeon.

Yelesna waypoint

Yelesna is a handy place to visit once you complete some in-world events. It’s the only other settlement in the Fractured Peaks zone with a Curiosity Vendor who trades Obols for random pieces of gear.

There are a few other quests and points of interest in the surrounding area as well, including an elite enemy to the west.

Bear Tribe Refuge waypoint

The Bear Tribe Refuge is in the zone’s northeast area, north of Malnok and west of the College of Light. It’s a fairly high-level area and has some powerful bear enemies wandering around, so you might want to power up before heading out. There’s quite a bit to do in the general area too, including several quests, a shrine to the east, and an elite enemy to test your mettle against.

Menestad waypoint

The Menestad waypoint is near Sarkova Pass, a settlement northwest of Kyovashad with all the vendors and merchants you’d expect. We didn’t discover much of special interest around here, but to your northeast is a challenging stronghold, Kor Dragan. Menestad is a good place to set out from when you’re ready to tackle that one.

Nostrava waypoint

This waypoint is in the zone’s western area and works a bit differently. You need to clear the Nostrava stronghold first before a settlement will spring up on this site complete with its own waypoint.

Just remember that you'll have to unlock them all again in the full game when it launches on June 6, 2023.

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