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Yes, I think Blizzard giving away a Diablo 4 themed PC infused with real human blood is weird too

At least you have the chance to get some in-game loot too?

Want a custom built, Diablo 4 themed PC infused with actual human blood? Yeah, no, me neither, but you have the chance to win one all the same.

Look, obviously blood is a big part of Diablo 4's whole thing; the game's second season is literally called the Season of Blood. And it appears that Blizzard is taking that title quite literally, as it's offering up a whole entire custom liquid-cooled PC as a giveaway that, for I guess obvious reasons, will have real human blood in it. Whose human blood, I hear you asking? No idea, someone's, but the blog post announcing the giveaway didn't really go into all that much detail on that side of things. The thing is, to get some blood, you'll have to give some blood.

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This isn't just a normal giveaway, you see (as if the whole blood computer wasn't abnormal enough anyway). In order to unlock the potential to win this prize, you'll have to donate blood first. A precise 666 quarts of it, in fact, though thankfully that's just a collective total, you won't need to donate all of that yourself. Don't worry though, it is worth it technically, as there are a number of goals along the way to the 666 quarts that will net you in-game rewards.

Once 33% of the goal has been reached, all players will gain access to a Bloodpetal Anlace dagger, Bloodpetal Sever axe, Bloodpetal Heart necromancer focus, Bloodpetal Blade sword, and Bloodpetal Bludgeon druid staff. At 66%, all players get the Loch Raeth Maor Barbarian Armor Cosmetic. And lastly, at 100%, all players will get the Vermilion Eye Piebald Mount, and the sweepstakes to win the custom built PC will open. If you aren't able to donate blood but still want the chance to win the PC, don't worry, as it'll be open to everyone regardless of donation.

At the very least, it's technically a good initiative, even if it's a bit odd? If you do intend to donate blood, make sure you log your donation if you want to get that loot. Or you can just do it out of the goodness of your heart! Up to you.

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