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Devil May Cry 5 runs smoothly on the Steam Deck, according to Capcom

Capcom has released a video showing off how well Devil May Cry 5 runs on the Steam Deck.

Want to slay demons on the go? Eager to get motivated on your commute? Well, you're in luck: Capcom has released a video showcasing how well Devil May Cry 5 runs on Valve's upcoming handheld Steam Deck console.

The game appears to be running in a smooth 60 frames per second (not bad for a portable machine) and doesn't compromise on game quality, either. Check out just how well Valve's punchy little machine handles the game in the video below.

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It shouldn't come as a surprise that the game runs nicely on the hardware – after all, Valve is reviewing the entire Steam library for Steam Deck compatibility and the company notes that it has yet to come across a game the console can't handle.

The Steam Deck was supposed to begin shipping this December, but it was delayed into February 2022 because of "material shortages". The hardware is available in three configurations starting at $400. If you want to see it running other visually and technically impressive games, how about watching it run The Witcher 3?

Perhaps the game coming to the handheld console will make it even more popular – it was a big hig for Capcom at launch, where it racked up an impressive 2 millions sales in two weeks. The launch of Devil May Cry 5 Special Edition a year later also helped.

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