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Devil May Cry 5 Secret Missions - find and complete all DMC 5 Secret Missions

There’s an age old tradition in the Devil May Cry games in which Capcom hides countless secret missions throughout the campaign. Devil May Cry 5 is no different.

Scattered throughout DMC 5’s 20 mission campaign are 12 secret missions.

These missions are split between the cast and challenge the players to use all the skills they’ve obtained along the way to earn blue orb fragments, which increase your overall vitality.

To find these missions you’ll need to look high and low. Fortunately you don’t have to complete them as soon as you find them in Devil May Cry 5, but knowing where they are is half the battle. So, to aid you in your quest to become the best devil hunter you can be, we have compiled a list of all the secret missions in Devil May Cry 5.

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DMC 5 Secret Mission 1

Playable Character: Nero

Location: Mission 2 – Qliphoth

This is a bit of a freebie as you come to this location during the story to introduce the concept of secret missions as a whole. It’s inside one of the bedrooms you are required to pass through, and you simply have to line up a devilish inscription to trigger it. The vast majority of the wall inscription is within the room and the rest through the doorway in the hall. Stand just behind the bed and look out. There you have it, your very first secret mission.

Tips: This mission should be as simple as it was to find. All you need to do is kill the demons. You can take a few hits, there’s a generous 90 second clock, and the enemies are fairly squishy. Just make sure you prioritise the flying demons that heal the others to make it that bit easier.

DMC 5 Secret Mission 2

Playable Character: Nero

Location: Mission 3 – Flying Hunter

The next is found in a staircase after you’ve finished the sinking rooftop section. You’ll need to swing across the rooftops until you enter the sewers. While in the sewers you will be tasked with destroying the Demon Tree Roots and their Demon Tree Blood Clots. After completing this you will gain access to a staircase with a floating orb that should take you upwards. Instead of using the orb, jump to the bottom floor and stand in the doorway at the bottom and look upwards and outwards. This should net you your second secret mission.

Tips: Contrary to the first mission, this one will take a little more planning. You’ll want to try and equip a Devil Breaker with power behind it to cover multiple close enemies at one time. From there you’ll want to rattle the Red Empusa as hard as possible and kill them all before they escape. You don’t need to worry about style ranking here, so abuse your streak ability if need be and level it up for that bit of extra reach.

DMC 5 Secret Mission 3

Playable Character: V

Location: Mission 4 – V

This Secret Mission is going to take a little forward planning to unlock as it requires you to have enough Devil Trigger to summon Nightmare to bring down a wall. You’ll want to progress through the mission until you are confronted by a battle arena in close proximity of some tall buildings after you’ve been introduced to Nightmare and destroyed the bridge. Before you continue, ensure you pick up the Nidhogg Hatchling. After this section, there should be a short warehouse section followed by a building with a giant mural of what looks like the Virgin Mary cradling a red skull. Stand near it and PULL YOUR DEVIL TRIGGER (sorry). Nightmare should come careering through the building and unlock a new path through the level.

Jump over the cracked wall and head out of the door on the bottom right towards a second Niddhogg Hatchling - collect it then jump over the wall behind it. You’ll find yourself in another fight. Quickly kill the enemies and summon Nightmare to break yet another wall. As you leave the broken wall, take a left and continue to the Niddhoggs. The first will allow you access to a second which will subsequently open a new route up a flight of stairs. Take the stairs to the top and peer over the ledge to unlock another secret mission.

Tips: While this mission seems simple in theory, you might be hard pushed to collect all the red orbs in the allocated time without the Quickplay ability. With the Quickplay ability V will be able to smash through all the tables to collect the red orbs and received an extra boost when jumping to collect the remaining orbs.

DMC 5 Secret Mission 4

Playable Character: V

Location: Mission 5 – The Devil Sword Sparda

Just like the previous mission, you’re gonna need that Devil Trigger again. This time you’ll be smashing through some scaffolding instead of a wall. Throughout the mission, you’ll be attacked by a giant tentacle descending from the ceiling and you’ll need to fend it off while destroying more Demon Tree Roots. There will come a point in which you will be stuck in an arena alongside the bottom of a ship and in the back will be scaffolding pictured above. Call on Nightmare and watch him wreck shop while you read your wee book. After Nightmare has taken care of the baddies, go through where the wall used to be and climb the stairs to the crane. At the top of the crane, you’ll find another secret mission.

Tips: To complete this secret mission you’ll need your wits about you as avoiding damage can be a bit of a pain. Thankfully there’s plenty of cheese to get around all of the enemies, the most effective of which is to mount Nightmare with the Promotion ability, making you invincible. If you don’t have this ability, your next best bet is to try and make the most of Griffon’s back and attack button to stop encroaching enemies while Shadow finishes them off. Don’t forget to use Griffon’s jump abilities when you’re in a pinch too.

DMC 5 Secret Mission 5

Playable Character: Nero

Location: Mission 8 – Demon King

To get to this secret mission you’ll have to progress through a large part of the level - the second upwards lava waterfall to be exact. While you ride the rock to the top, keep an eye out for a ledge to the side with grappling orbs floating near it. Jump to the ledge and use both the orbs to reach a new ledge. Jump down from the ledge and head to the centre of the new area and turn back to face the ledge for some secrety goodness.

Tips: As far as secret missions go, this is fairly easy. All you need is the Air Hike ability and at least Wire Snatch 2. All you gotta do is zip your way to the finish and you’re all set.

DMC 5 Secret Mission 6

Playable Character: V

Location: Mission 9 – Genesis

In true V fashion, you will once again need to hold on to another bar of Devil Trigger. As there are two ways through the mission, you will want to look out for a fight set alongside a series of pillars. The quickest route to this area is to smash the wall with a gold orb nestled in it with Nightmare, but you will also drop down to this area after navigating the catacombs. After finishing the fight, take a left. You’ll see an awning blocked off by more Demon Tree Roots and their exposed blood clots should be in the distance. Look at the roots and activate Devil Trigger, Nightmare should burst upwards through the ground and grant you access to the area. From there you want to run up the back, jump onto the ledge, and look back at the entrance to unlock the fourth secret mission.

Tips: Time is of the essence in this secret mission, so you’ll want to go in all guns blazing. Activate your Devil Trigger, enhance both Griffon and Shadow with your excess gauge, and go ham. Don’t be afraid to drop a few orbs on some purple orbs at the store to earn a little extra Devil Trigger time and invest in Trigger Heart ability to make the most of your resources.

DMC 5 Secret Mission 7

Playable Character: Dante

Location: Mission 10 – Awaken

The first of Dante’s Secret Missions is a tricky one. Speed is key. Throughout the mission there are pulsating doorways that close after a set amount of time, as showcased by Trish in the first combat arena in the mission. Following this, there will be three further arenas with similar gates spread throughout the mission. In the third area there are two doors, as pictured above, you’ll want to hastily kill all the enemies in the area and take the door to the right. As you pass through the door, you should ascend the steps until you reach the top and stand in middle of the area and look upwards.

Tips: Avid DMC fans might remember this doozy from previous games. The main aim is to counter the enemy as it attacks and shoot it at close range for a critical hit. It’s finicky, it’s frustrating, and it’s going to take practise to pass this one.

DMC 5 Secret Mission 8

Playable Character: Dante

Location: Mission 11 – Reason

You won’t have long to wait until for the next secret mission as it’s in the following level as you continue to experiment with Dante. You’ll find the next mission in a dilapidated building as you pass through a series of gates, but before you can get up there you will need to find a local Demon Tree Root and destroy it to create a pathway up. After you destroy this root, jump up and line up the remnants of the wall you just jumped through with the remaining pieces on the wall behind it.

Tips: To put it simply, the more weapons you have the easier this mission is. It is possible to mix taunts, gun shots, Balrog attacks, sword strikes, and effective use of the Swordmaster style to maintain your S rank, but revisiting this later with a full arsenal makes it that much easier as you can simply switch through a gluttony of different weapons and rack up those style points ridiculously fast.

DMC 5 Secret Mission 9

Playable Character: Dante

Location: Mission 12 - Yamato

The next secret for Dante can be found after you managed to move the statue by releasing the tides of blood. The statue will move to reveal a series of stairs to a series of tunnels. At one point you will jump up a series of stone stairs, while on these stairs you will want to turn around and jump on the ledge overarching them and look back towards the stairs to get a glimpse at the next secret mission.

Tips: It’s all about skills and levelling up your different styles for this mission. My preference was to purchase Air Hike, Enemy Step, and level up the Gunslinger and Trickster styles. From there I double jumped towards the first enemy, used my air dash, and quickly switched styles to Gunslinger to use the aerial guns to prolong the time in the air. The closer you are to the wall the better as it means the enemies that chase you also have less movement options should you need an extra boost with the Enemy Step ability.

DMC 5 Secret Mission 10

Playable Character: V

Location: Mission 14 – Diverging Point: V

After you regain control of Nightmare, Griffon, and Shadow, you’ll be notified that Nero and Dante are fighting below and to continue you will need to destroy two more Demon Tree Roots. As you destroy the second root, jump over the ledge the root was perched on and look backwards to find the next secret mission.

Tips: Reaching the goal is all about timing and gauging your height here. You should aim to double jump fairly late so that Griffon just sails under the ceiling of the archway and when you are just short of the Blue Orb fragment, hold the lock on button and the direction you wish to go and press B/O cover those last few inches.

DMC 5 Secret Mission 11

Playable Character: Nero

Location: Mission 15 – Diverging Point Nero

Take one of the many paths through the level until you reach the time statue pictured above. Take a peek behind the statue and jump down. You’ll find yourself in good company and surrounded by plenty of Punch Line Devil Breakers. Rack up a high style ranking, preferably S+ and let loose a rocket. As the rocket returns press and hold the Devil Breaker button to mount it. From there you want to navigate the track and continue upwards. At the top of the track lies the second last secret mission.

Tips: The secret mission that follows the rather tricky rocket platforming is as equally finicky. You’ll be asked to make your way to the finish in a set amount of time. Thankfully this mission is made significantly easier through the use of Nero’s Flap Top ability, but this won’t be available until you’ve finished the game at least once. In the meantime you might want to perfect your timing and ensure you don’t waste any time by missing platforms.

DMC 5 Secret Mission 12

Playable Character: Dante

Location: Mission 16 – Diverging Point Dante

The final Secret Mission can be found after your third arena fight in the level. As you approach a ledge with glowing pink eggs lining the walls, you should drop down to the highest ledge on the right. While on this ledge you will want to make your way to the left and look to the platform directly below your current ledge - you should be able to identify this is the correct ledge as there will be a red orb stem on it. As you land on this ledge, you’ll want to search for a hole in the wall with a crumbling ledge outside it and another, larger, red orb stem on it. Jump towards this ledge, using the Trickster air dash to close the gap, and slowly descend each individual ledge just to the left of your initial ledge until you find an inlet – it should be relatively high up. Enter this indent and search for the correct position to stand and you will unlock the final secret mission, getting the Secrets Exposed trophy/achievement.

Tips: For this mission you absolutely need Dr. Faust levelled up with the Dr. Faust 3 skill and to make best use of the Gunslinger style. You’ll want to let the enemy enter the arena, dig in the ground to swell with red orbs, and then to kill it without missing your Dr. Faust.

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