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Detroit: Become Human has sold over 2 million copies so far

Detroit: Become Human sales have topped 2 million copies.

Since launching in May, Detroit: Become Human has sold through - meaning to consumers, over 2 million units worldwide. The figure includes digital, and physical copies, as Sony didn't specify.

The official PlayStation account on Twitter revealed the news this week. Check out the Tweet below:

In August, Sony said the game had a 1.5 million-strong player base. The NPD Group, too, was very impressed with the game's performance at launch in its May 2018 report, calling it a record high for the studio.

Those numbers may not seem massive, especially when compared with other PS4 exclusives released this year such as Spider-Man, or God of War, but they are high for a story-heavy, adventure game like the kind Quantic Dream has been known for.

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