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Check out Destiny's new PvP mode, Doubles

Destiny Crucible players can enjoy a new kind of PvP action with Doubles.


Destiny may not be as PvP focused as some Halo fans were hoping, but Bungie is slowly ramping up Crucible support, starting with better Iron Banner events.

Some time ago the developer promised to introduce experimental game modes, and the latest Bungie Weekly Update confirms the new Doubles mode is one of these trials.

Doubles is a 2v2 deathmatch affair, and the lower number of players has some interesting consequences. You don't charge your supers as often as you would in another mode, which means the emphasis is on gun play, not space magic.

You won't be able to blast a group of guardians all at once, then, so you really need to make each super use count.

Heavy ammo appears just once a match, and revives are allowed.

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