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Destiny loot system designed to combat thieves, says Bungie

Destiny is an FPS that exists within a persistent online world, so naturally like all MMOs there's a window for loot thieves to roll and steal the goods from right under your nose. That won't happen in Destiny, developer Bungie has explained.

Speaking with Polygon, Bungie COO Pete Parsons revealed that Destiny players will have what he referred to as 'private loot streams', meaning that drops you earn are yours and yours alone.

How it works in practice is, anything you specifically earn cannot be picked up by other players, and that players won't be able to pick up objects intended for any character class other than their own.

Parsons also explained that weapons will follow a ranked system in Destiny, and that players will build up an arsenal of increasingly badass firearms as they progress.

Are you glad that loot thieves will be given the boot in Destiny? Let us know below.

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