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Destiny in pre-alpha, Bungie avoiding micro-payment talk for now

Destiny developer Bungie has skirted around questions regarding in-game payments during its latest Mail Sack Q&A blog. The game is currently in pre-alpha and it's still unclear if the shooter will beg you for micro-payments every step of the way.

The blog post features a question that asks about real-money items and boosters. Seeing as Destiny is a hybrid MMO like Guild Wars 2 and that Activision is publishing, it isn't a stretch to suggest that micro-DLC will be included.

Bungie replied, "What we can tell you right now is that the rewards you will gain by playing Destiny – and playing it well – will be earned. You will carve them from the hides of your enemies, after you stomp them into the ground of your favorite destinations."

The response suggests that all content will be accessible through playing well, but it's still unclear if gamers will be able to pay their way to the good loot or not.

On the game's alpha status, Bungie added, "Destiny is pre-Alpha. That means that the game is alive, but not fully grown. We’re still exploring the space inside our own imaginations, and funneling what we find there into our brand new engine.

"There’s a lot more work left to do. Thus, we reserve the right to continue our battle for the best idea, and tinker with our new toys until they land squarely in your controller-wielding hands."

Would micro-payments put you off Destiny? Let us know below.

Destiny is heading to PS3, PS4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One.

Thanks Gamespot.

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