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Destiny clan sets new Vault of Glass Hard Mode speed run record

Destiny players are still finding new ways to shave seconds off speed run times.


The latest Vault of Glass Hard Mode speed run record attempt clocks in at 27:40, which is believed to be the best yet. Using six Gjallarhorns with attacks stats of 331, the group is able to take down Atheon rapidly.

As ever, the claimed record is pretty specific - this run was made using powered-up equipment only available after the release of The Dark Below, and takes advantage of a glitch to get through the Vault's door quickly.

Nevertheless, the execution is excellent - the Gorgon's maze section is especially good. Congratulations to Giggle Monstar, Gamesager, adversary D, Ableskivers, devisible and xImmortalTecHv.

If you'd like to know more about the team's methods, Giggle Monstar has penned a handy guide on Reddit.

Watch the speed run from two perspectives below.

Watch on YouTube

Watch on YouTube

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