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Destiny developer gifts unique Exotic to recovering player

Destiny developer Bungie has given a very special gift to a player using the shooter MMO to aid in his recovery from brain surgery.


Reddit user Bkbunny87 made a post yesterday explaining how, on advice from his neurologist, her husband has been playing Destiny as an effective form of therapy following brain surgery.

The post was greeted with enthusiasm and interest, with players rallying around offering to serve as raid buddies. But it also managed to catch the eye of Bungie, which watches the community closely.

Community manager David "Deej" Dague reached out to Bkbunny87 and promised to send a package of goodies to encourage her husband - but also suggested he check his in-game mailbox for an immediate present.

According to a new post, he now finds himself the proud owner of Fate of All Fools, an Exotic solar scout rifle. This rifle has not been spotted anywhere else in game, although you can check it out on DestinyDB.

We're expecting to see this rifle enter general circulation in future DLC, but for now, it seems this player is the only Guardian to own such a rifle. That's just beautiful, Bungie. Well done!

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