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How to get the Best Legendary Weapons in Deathloop

Here's how to infuse the foremost firepower

If he’s going to break the vicious cycle of Blackreef, Colt Vahn will need to collect Deathloop’s best weapons to complete the job. What's more, there are a few extra-powerful Legendary weapons to collect - each with unique abilities.

On his way to defeating the 8 visionaries propping up the loop, Colt will have to employ a variety of tactics – some louder than others – all of which will require different kinds of ordinance.

At the start of Deathloop, you’re stuck scavenging new guns and ammo on every new cycle. However, once you acquire the ability to Infuse equipment, you’ll be able to build a much more reliable arsenal, with something on hand for every eventuality.

Once you drop into a level at any time of day, you won’t be able to access your stash of Infused weapons, so be sure to prepare your loadout thoroughly between expeditions.

Due to the nature of Blackreef’s temporal situation, you can be pretty blasé with your Infused weapons.

If you find something in the field you fancy the look of, you can swap it for one of your equipped items. Although you won’t be able to use anything you leave behind in a level for the rest of that day, any Infused weapons will reappear in your stash at the beginning of the next loop.

This means you can build up a burgeoning collection quite quickly by Infusing your best performing weapons, finding others as you explore, then starting the next day with both to choose from.

There are 4 rarity levels of weapons to collect in Deathloop: Grey, Blue, Purple, and Gold.

Unique Golden weapons are usually associated with specific – and often devilishly difficult – quests and puzzles and are well worth your effort to acquire.

However, that doesn’t mean that the bog-standard bangsticks are trash. You’ll quickly get a feel for which weapon archetypes you like, so still keep an eye out for blue and purple versions of your go-to guns.

They include useful perks which synergize with the intended purposes of each weapon type, so keep an eye out.

Best Deathloop weapon for stealth – PT-6 Spiker

One of the first weapons you lay your hands on in Deathloop – the PT-6 Spiker nailgun – is one that you’ll likely have in your inventory until the endgame if you enjoy the clandestine approach.

The major benefit of the PT-6 Spiker is that its shots are silent. This means you can methodically sweep through maps without raising the alarm and bringing everyone in the area down on your head.

It’s great for thinning out difficult to pass clusters of enemies when you’re trying to complete objectives in a specific way and keep a low profile.

What’s more, if you buff its range and accuracy with trinkets, you can deal with surprisingly distant foes. While you can also grab purple versions of the weapon with a perk that deals more damage to tagged enemies – further encouraging a sneaky, planned-out approach.

Alternative: None

Best Deathloop weapon at range – Sepulchra Breteira

If you want to put some serious distance between you and the target you’re taking out, there’s no better weapon than the Sepulchra Breteira sniper rifle.

Its special ability creates an explosion when you land a headshot, so it’s also great for dispersing groups of Eternalists blocking your path towards an objective – plus it’s a lot of fun too.

The Sepulchra Breterira is found in Updaam during the afternoon. As you enter the area, an Eternalist will come up on the intercom and invite Colt to open a giant gift box in Dorsey Square.

Head there, then survive the ambush to claim the sniper for yourself. Or you can also find Juliana using it when she invades your game.

Alternative: Rapier

Best Deathloop weapon for when things get loud – Legendary Shotgun

Capable of pinging Eternalists from half a map away and controlling crowds of enemies at close range, the Super Shifty is an incredibly versatile and satisfying shotgun with both slug and traditional spread modes.

The slug mode has fantastic range and accuracy, while the Swarzenegger-style swinging reload of the spread shot helps you to send swarms of baddies to the next loop.

This means it’s essentially both a rifle and a shotgun, covering two powerful use cases in your limited inventory.

We have a full page on how the complete the Super Shifty (or Heritage Gun as it’s marked) quest in Karl’s Bay Night, here.

Alternative: Normal shotgun

Best Deathloop weapon for turning on the style – Strelak Verso

Found around Noon in The Complex, the Strelak Verso is a multipurpose dual-wield pistol and SMG with a huge damage output compared to nearly everything else on the roster.

In SMG mode, the is burst fire and there’s nothing better if things go sideways when you’re battling a Visionary or Juliana.

Where other guns might need multiple reloads to finish the job, the can take out pretty much any character in one clip.

To get your hands on the Strelak Verson, make your way to The Complex around Noon and visit the bunker next to Egor's camp lab. The Eternalists will have blown open a weapons depot, but you need some batteries to open the inner door.

You can either collect them from the office outside overlooking the entrance to the weapons depot - there are some fireworks you can set off to the left of the sealed door to get inside - or do a couple of quick runs over to the Loop Control Centre and grab the batteries near the projector there.

Alternative: Frank’s SMG - Constancy Automatic - this is the other regular Legendary weapon you can find - there are 4 in total - and is collected by defeating Frank in his club at Fristad Rock in the Morning.

For more on breaking the cycle of Blackreef, check out our full Deathloop guide.

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