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Deathloop Heritage Gun | How to solve the Super Shifty Present Puzzle in Karl's Bay

Snag the Heritage Gun for your inventory in the Super Shifty quest!

No one makes a shotgun quite like the Bethesda stable of studios, from Dishonored to Wolfenstein and Doom, Deathloop joins the party with the Heritage Gun, also known as the Super Shifty.

Found in Karl’s Bay during the evening, the Super Shifty Heritage Gun is hidden behind one of Deathloop’s largest, most intricate and brain-teasing single-map puzzles. But that can only mean this gift is worth the effort to acquire.

Solving the Heritage Gun Present Puzzle is a tough task, but once you’ve wrapped your head around what you’re actually doing, it becomes simple enough to pull off.

Check out the embedded video above for a visual guide of me running through the entire Super Shifty quest!

How to solve the Heritage Gun Present Puzzle in Deathloop

As you enter Karl’s Bay in the evening, you will hear Charlie Montague address the Eternalists over the island intercom, inviting them to play another of his games.

From the tunnel exit where Colt enters Karl’s Bay, in the street just to the right, two Eternalists will open a present box and explode.

Follow this road around the curve and you’ll arrive at the Fathoms of Lament facade.

Clear out the Eternalists in the surrounding area as quietly or loudly as you like - there are roughly 10 of them nearby - and enter the Fathoms of Lament building.

Here, you’ll find a map filled with blinking lights and the Heritage Gun twinkling at you from its locked case. These lights indicate active presents scattered around the Karl’s Bay area, all of which you will have to open without damaging to succeed.

If the lights are solid, that means the present has already been opened - this should be the case for the one you saw those two Eternalists botch earlier - and is usually the case for a couple of the presents each evening.

The layout of the presents can change each cycle, and to open them successfully, all you need to do is walk up to them and press the interact button.

There are two types of presents in the puzzle though: tricks and treats.

Just to be safe, treat every present as an exploding trick and run or Shift as far away as possible immediately as you open it. Then return and grab your Trinket treat if there is one.

For most of the presents there’s not much more strategy to opening them than tracking them down and trying your luck - however, remember that they can’t be damaged, so watch out for mines attached to nearby walls and never try to shoot the presents open.

Two of your presents will always be in the same place though: one in the centre-left of the map, and one in the top right. These are extra cheeky puzzles that we’ll handle below.

How to get solve the Dawn of Reason Door Code Puzzle in Deathloop

The most devilish puzzle in Karl’s Bay sits in the Dawn of Reason nightclub, snuggled in the tunnel underneath the cliff face. Outside the front door is a lever which opens the lock and starts a timer, but you don’t want to pull it yet.

To the right of the front door is a walled yard. Here you’ll find another door to the Dawn of Reason, but it’s blocked. Tilt your head skyward and you’ll see an open passage you can jump or Shift through, giving you access to the inside without the timer running.

Over on the left-hand side of the club is a present box inside a chamber sealed with a code lock. To get the door code, you need to find murals painted on the wall around the club.

Here’s where things get even more devious: the murals are in different locations and show different numbers on different cycles and the codes are random from player to player.

This is why you didn’t want to find them with a time limit.

You’re looking for four painted white circles with one red block showing the number on the circular code lock you need to press.

Luckily, there’s always one just above the code lock itself. Inside the circle, there’ll be black and white lines, with the black line showing the position in the sequence of 4 numbers that circle sits in.

The final wrinkle is that one of the circles will have its position lines missing - meaning you have to extrapolate from the other three where it fits.

As you search the Dawn of Reason, check all 4 main walls, as well as the bar and upturned tables for signs of any part of circles.

With some of the spawn locations, you need to stand at the right perspective to line up pieces of the shape together.

When you’ve found all 4 and decided where the unlabeled circle fits, either break the bars off of one of the side doors or zip back through your secret entrance hole, pull the lever out front, then enter the code you found at the door and open the present - as if you were psychic.

Remember to step back from the gift box, it could still be explosive.

How to solve the Hangar 2 Lever Puzzle in Deathloop

Now eerily empty, you might remember Hangar 2 from your time with Harriet during Karl’s Bay morning. This time though, you have it all to yourself, save for the toxic gas choking the floor below.

If you want to remove an element of danger and clear the gas, take a left through Harriet’s door (or Shift through the lasers if it’s not open) then down the stairs and to the right. In Harriet’s pulpit there’s a lever on the right that dispels the green gas.

Now head back upstairs and you’ll see your present prize next to a lever with a time counter on it.

Survey the room and you’ll see more levers dotted around the vicinity which, as you might have guessed, you will have to pull in the right order to open the present.

Lucky for you, as an audio queue, the correct lever beeps loudly when you’re near it. If you get stuck though, quickly return to the first lever and pull it again - this stops the clock and resets the puzzle so you can try again with another pull.

There are 6 levers in total: one next to the present.

Another on the gantry directly across from the present.

One down to the left, next to Harriet’s pulpit.

Another at the far-right end of the hangar, next to the bear logo on the wall.

Then another in the dark corner one level above, across the room from the present.

And finally a last lever on the suspended plane part.

The was also the order that I had to pull the levers in.

This order was the same for me across multiple loops. However, things like door codes are randomised between players and playthroughs in Deathloop, so it might not be exactly the same for you.

Before you pull the first lever, make sure you familiarise yourself with the locations of all 6 levers to avoid any accidents.

How to collect the Heritage Gun from the Fathoms of Lament Lever Puzzle in Deathloop

Finally, with all of the presents unwrapped, Charlie has one last trick in store.

Make your way back to the Fathoms of Lament and pine mournfully for the Heritage Gun as you pass its case. A new door has opened in the back of the Fathoms of Lament with another lever pulling puzzle inside.

To make this one extra difficult, it features not just Slab-sapping energy fields, but lasers which void the task if you touch them.

The premise remains the same though, pull the beeping levers within the time limit to complete the test.

The order I had to pull this in was as follows:

Pull the first lever, go up the stairs around the corner and look behind up. Shift up to the purple top floor and pull the lever there.

The next lever is right next to you, behind a metal grate you can't shift through. Shift through the lasers to avoid them and go around.

Then do a 360 and pull the other lever on this floor next to the stairs, opposite the one you just pulled.

Now turn around, look to the right and drop down through the hole in the floor, to the orange section below and pull the lever.

From there, you can see the next lever on the other side of this floor, through the grates. Crouch under the laser to your right, then hop over the next. Then you're out of the Slab nullification field to Shift past the other lasers.

Finally, look behind you and climb up the boxes to the floor above and pull the last lever there.

Again, this may be randomised between players and change for you, but once you’ve completed the trial, return to the main room and claim your prize.

The Super Shifty is a fantastic piece of kit which does the job of two guns in your inventory thanks to its transforming capabilities.

The spread mode works like a regular shotgun, which was pretty strong to begin with.

While the slug mode works more like a Rapier rifle, with powerful, rangy, single shots that take out almost every enemy with ease.

There are more of Charlie's games to beat around Blackreef, here's how to complete The Moxie in Deathloop. Or for a different sidequest, here's how to sabotage the smoking contest and get the Pact of Smoke door code.

For more on how to complete the cycle of Blackreef, here's our full list of Deathloop guides and Visionary walkthroughs!

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