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Deathloop Frank | How to prevent Otto's fire and sabotage the fireworks

Here's to an explosive evening!

One of the more nuanced Visionaries on Blackreef, musical maestro Frank is the life of the party - known as a bon vivant, raconteur, and prone to lavish displays of luxury.

In Deathloop, Colt can take advantage of that celebratory spirit to assassinate Frank in one of the game’s quirkiest and most clandestine quests.

Taking place over multiple loops and locations, The Ballad of Ramblin’ Frank is an intricate story with its fair share of twists and rewards - here’s how to get everything done.

How to complete the Ballad of Ramblin’ Frank in Deathloop

First up, as you explore the other areas of Blackreef, you’ll automatically learn about Frank’s nightly fireworks display.

With no point in Frank’s schedule lining up with the rest of the Visionaries, Colt hatches a plan to use Frank’s fireworks against him.

To learn more about where the fireworks are kept, visit Updaam in the morning and make your way to the Fireworks Boutique, signposted Otto’s Workshop, to the left of Dorsey Square.

Dorsey Square is in the top right corner of Updaam, past Colt’s apartment and behind The Library.

Inside Otto’s workshop there’s a terminal which points to Karl’s Bay, where you can find the fireworks container behind Hangar 2 - the hangar where you confront Harriet.

How to prevent the fire at Otto’s in Deathloop

A note on the outside of the container sends you back to Otto’s, where the code to the container will be sent to the same terminal you read from earlier in the afternoon.

Make your way back to Otto’s in the afternoon, and you’ll find it burned to the ground. You’ll need to come back the next morning to stop the fire so you can collect the code in the afternoon.

Back in Updaam in the morning, inspect the fireworks machine and you find it working overtime - a fire hazard if ever there was one.

To prevent the fire, you need to destroy the power generators connected to the fireworks machine, following the glowing wires on the floor to the different junction boxes.

There’s one out back from Otto’s, guarded by two Eternalists.

Then there's another right next to the fireworks machine.

After that, there's another in the houses across the road from Otto’s.

Next you can find another junction box outside of Colt's apartment next to The Library.

Finally, there’s one more junction box in the basement of The Library. This is a dangerous location, and deceptively difficult to get into and out of alive.

Try sneaking around the front and under the bridge next to the entrance.

There’s a door here that you can get through, then Shift through the lasers, hack the couple of cameras, then destroy the generator down the stairs to your right.

It's dark down here, but look for the red lights on the front of the box.

Make sure there are no more illuminated wires heading into the machine, then leave the area and return in the afternoon in the same loop.

Interact with the terminal and you’ll have the code to the container in Karl’s Bay. Go back there and investigate.

Take a look at the firework control box and there’s another problem: you don’t know which part to sabotage, let alone what would be deadly enough without Frank noticing.

How to sabotage Frank's fireworks in Deathloop

To get the information you need, it’s time to head to Frank’s club and recording studio in Frisad Rock during the Morning.

You can either sneak your way into the club via the roof, one of the underground tunnels, or grab a ClassPass from the machine next to the front door and give up the temporary use of your Slabs for an easy entrance.

If you take the ClassPass, you can keep it active and make your way to the secret door underneath Charlie’s Condition Detachment at noon if you want to.

Or if you want to sneak in without, head around the back of the club and look for a buoy in the water. Melee attack the grate you find in the hole in the rocks and you're inside Frank's.

But either way, inside Frank’s club, either sneak your way past the assembled Eternalists or introduce yourself violently.

Frank’s sealed recording studio is above the main entrance to the club, but you’ll have to traipse up the stairs on the other side of the building, then back across, to get there.

The loud approach isn’t too bad of an idea, seeing as you’ll have to draw Frank out of his studio soon anyway, and it’s easier to do that if the rest of the club is clear.

When you make it to the studio, confront Frank, who attacks you with turrets and a gang of Eternalist buddies.

Retreating to a safe corner, or back through the nearby doors, and hacking the turrets is highly recommended as it will make beating Frank much easier.

Survive the ambush and Frank will leave the studio to finish the job himself.

Either by your hand or by the turrets you hacked, Frank will go down and you can claim his unique SMG for yourself, as well as search his studio. Here you will find a voice note with the information you need.

You can also search Frank’s bachelor pad upstairs for some more nuggets, including why Frank won’t notice the sabotage, but your main work is done.

Whenever suits you best, you can return to the fireworks container in Karl’s Bay and sabotage the part of the display mechanism from the voice note (mine was the flaps) to complete the quest.

This firms up your morning routine for the final loop, meaning you can take out Harriet and Frank from Karl’s Bay in the morning, freeing up a time slot for more mischief.

For more on how to line up the perfect loop, check out our Deathloop guide for Visionary walkthroughs and side quest solutions.

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