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Death Stranding TGS 2018 trailer introduces Troy Baker's character

Hideo Kojima promised fans new Death Stranding footage at TGS 2018, and he has delivered.

During a developer panel at TGS 2018, Kojima revealed a new gameplay clip from Death Stranding. It's very brief, but it shows off Troy Baker's character for the first time.

Alongside the new trailer, Kojima also announced a few more additions to the game's massive cast. Troy Baker, as the Man in the Golden Mask, can be seen in today's trailer. Other actors include Tommie Earl Jenkins.

Though it's hard to fully grasp what's going on in the scene, it appears the Man in the Golden Mask has the power to control and manipulate the black substance seen in the game's world. In this case, he turns some of it into a hound-like monster, which Norman Reedus presumably has to fight.

Catch the new footage and character art below (via @Nibellion).

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