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Dead Cells will be free to play with Switch Online in the UK next week

Dead Cells will be free to play with Switch Online in select regions for one week starting January 26 and until February 1.

If you are a Switch Online subscriber and have yet to try Dead Cells, you can do so for free next week if you live in the UK or Europe.

Dead Cells is a Castlevania-inspired platformer featuring permadeath, where you’ll die, kill something, and learn your lesson in order to survive.

The game has many weapons and gadgets available and is high risk with big rewards. Many times, you will find yourself trapped in a loop of death before the solution becomes clear.

“If you’re a glutton for punishment, then you need to check out Dead Cells yesterday,” says VG247’s Alex Donaldson.

The game is also getting a new batch of DLC, which you can preview in the trailer above.

Called Fatal Falls, it will arrive on Steam January 26, which is the same day the base game demo will be available through Switch Online.

The DLC features two new mid-game biomes which are alternative paths to Stilt Village/Clock Tower and Slumbering Sanctuary/Forgotten Sepulcher.

One is the Fractured Shrines, which sees floating islands connected by ledges full of traps. Expect to contend with snake people and "giant statues with even bigger axes."

There's also the Undying Shores which features a downpour raining upon you as you try to scale cliffs. Caves will be available to get out of the bad weather but expect enemies to be waiting inside.

A boss will be present in the Mausoleum which is home to a gardener who "adores flowers and mushrooms."

The developers have yet to announce whether the DLC will be released on consoles the same day as Steam.

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