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DanceEvolution announced for Kinect


Dance Dance Revolution may be coming to PS3 for Move, but it seems Kinect won't be missing out either, as Konami has announced DanceEvolution for Kinect.

DanceEvolution is a new concept for the series as the game responds to real dancing.  Using Kinect players move their body to the beat and position their bodies against a variety of on screen markers.

Kinect will allows players to watch their actions in real-time and also save two of their original routines for use as back-up dancers in the game with no controller or dance mat required.

The game will also allow players to challenge up to four friends around the world, and Konami will also release DLC in the form of dance sequences, theme packs and more.

DanceEvolution will include 30 tracks at launch spanning club music classics, Hip Hop, R&B, Pop, and Techno.

The game will also include two main modes in Dance Mode and Lesson Mode as well as four levels of difficulty: Light, Standard, Extreme and Stealth.

“As an expert in the rhythm-based genre with games such as the highly-successful DanceDanceRevolution franchise, it was a natural fit for Konami to utilize the new capabilities of Kinect and create the next generation of dancing video games,” said Martin Schneider, European marketing and PR director for Konami.

“DanceEvolution is truly an interactive, full body dance game, providing gamers a heart-pumping experience.”

DanceEvolution will release this November.

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