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Cyberpunk setting to be a modernized future, says CD Projekt

CD Projekt has said plans to modernize the setting of Cyberpunk due to the original being conceptualized during the 1980s.

Speaking in an interview with Wil Wheaton for GameFront, managing director Adam Badowski said the team is working with closely Cyberpunk 2020 creator Mike Pondsmith in order to make sure the game maintains the feel of the original alongside said updates to the setting.

“Cyberpunk is about the not-too-distant future, so we have to refresh the classic Cyberpunk setting,” said Badowski. “Our inspiration is more around the film Blade Runner. Cyberpunk is more about how technology empowers you to change the world on your own."

“We were talking to Mike and asking, ‘Okay, you’re the creator, it’s been 25 years or that, that’s your baby, so what is for you?’” added CDP CEO Marcin Iwinski. “And he’s saying that it’s the not-too-distant future, but [more like] foreseeing the trend from now to this not-too-distant future, and [predicting] what will be there.

"So we’re not recreating a ‘retro’ world, because I don’t think that would be believable to a younger audience.”

You can watch the video interview below in which the duo also discuss the firm's well publicized stance on DRM.

More details on Cyberpunk are to be announced later this year.

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