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Cyberpunk 2077 Epistrophy: Every Delamain car location

Hail cabs, not bugs

As a valued member of the excelsior package, the benevolent Delamain AI has a task that only you can help with: the Epistrophy quest. Some of his cabs have gone missing in mysterious circumstances, and he needs someone with a physical body to re-establish the connections with his mainframe.

While it might seem a little bit too close to busywork to begin with, the Epistrophy series features more than a few fun moments and cameos, so it's worth your time to complete. With that in mind, here's our guide to finding all the Delamain car locations in Cyberpunk 2077.

Delamain cab locations

There are seven Delamain cabs to return in total, in seven Epistrophy sub-quests:

Cyberpunk 2077 Epistrophy Bugs

For a lot of players running an earlier version of the game, and for me personally, the Epistrophy questline had some trouble with bugs. Mainly those mainfested with the quest interaction failing to trigger when you approach the Delamain cab.

The best fix I've found for this was to go and try and complete another of the Delamain quest line, then come back to whichever one hasn't worked properly.

I found particular difficulty with The Glen and Wellsprings not registering properly, but they worked after I'd gone and completed Northside and Rancho Cornoado.

If you're still struggling to get things to work, go and complete something in a different part of the city - preferably without fast travelling - then come back.

Epistrophy: Badlands

On your excursions outside Night City, you come close to this quest marker frequently.

To find the Badlands Delamain cab, head into the junkyard within the search area, and you see it hunkered in the wreckage.

Get in the back when it tells you to so you can re-establish the connection.

Epistrophy: Northside

The Delamain cab in Watson's Northside district is hidden behind some outbuildings within the search area.

You'll have to go off-road chasing down this target, but stick on its tail and you'll quickly return it to HQ's control.

Epistrophy: The Glen

This is the shortest and simplest Delamain cab to return to the main AI. It's overlooking the water's edge, which can be difficult to reach without a quest marker.

From the main road that leads to the freeway, turn right onto the underpass shown in the screenshot. Here you'll turn onto the road with the taxi on as you turn right towards the waterfront.

Epistrophy: Wellsprings

The Delamain cab in this part of Heywood drives around the periphery of Megabuilding H2. And is the one I had most trouble triggering.

Leave the area and return if you're finding it hard to make the quest active, but when it does you have to damage the car to return it to the network.

The doesn't have to be with your car, so you can just get out and shoot it if you like.

Epistrophy: North Oak

This one is easy to find. You just need to head to the quest marker for it to trigger. Drive out to North Oak in Westbrook, which is in the east of the map, and you'll find this Delamain cab slowly circling a roundabout.

On your way back to Delamain HQ, try to keep the speedometer under 80, or you'll be in for an emergency stop.

Epistrophy: Rancho Coronado

In the Rancho Coronado district of Santo Domingo, the Delamain cab has an irrational hatred of flamingos.

The thing to know here is that the quest markers you get for each flamingo has more than one for you to run over. Don't worry about hitting all of them at one marker, because they can get stuck and difficult to crush, just move onto the next.

Epistrophy: Coastview

This one is a lot of fun, but also the most difficult.

When this Delamain cab stops, you need to get out of your car right away, otherwise it'll be difficult to stay alive.

With that taxi returned to the network, make a note of your huge success and make your way back to Delamain HQ for your reward.

Once you've found all the cabs, you'll unlock the next Delamain quest, Don't Lose Your Mind. But for more help within Night City, you can also check out our guide to the best Cyberpunk 2077 weapons and best Cyberpunk mods.

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