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Speedrunning Cuphead while climbing a mountain is the peak of entertainment

The run involved climbing the highest mountain in Vermont.

There's a new Cuphead speedrun category in town (sort of), this one requiring you to run the game while hiking up a mountain.

Cuphead is a notoriously hard game, the difficulty kind of being the whole point of it. But, if you manage to learn the patterns across the entire game, it's pretty manageable, with the main speedrunning category having a world record of just over 28 minutes. And honestly, that sounds just a bit too easy, which led speedrunner EazySpeezy completing a run while climbing up a mountain.

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The setup for the run was honestly pretty simple: EazySpeezy and his crew duct taped a laptop to a backpack, which a friend then wore while EazySpeezy played the game. It is probably not the most ideal of speedrunning conditions, but that isn't exactly the point of the run.

Right off the bat, the run ran into some controller connection issues, but they were resolved pretty quickly.

As EazySpeezy explains in his video, to complete the run he needs to play the game while walking all the way up and down a mountain. For this run, he opted for the largest mountain in Vermont, Mount Mansfield. Which, for the record, has a summit that peaks at 4395 feet above sea level. Climbing wise, EazySpeezy himself would need to to climb around 2790 feet to reach the peak.

The real challenge of this run is obviously going to be the climbing itself, though thankfully the path was mostly pretty clear. It was playing while moving that proved to be the biggest challenge initially, but after a while EazySpeezy got into the groove of things.

There were some tougher sections to climb, but the game was paused to prioritise safety, though the timer didn't stop for a single rock or misplaced branch.

In total, the run lasted around eight hours, which obviously is nowhere near the record time. And part of it did have to be played in the car ride home, as well as in EazySpeezy's home itself.

The full video is well worth a watch, because you almost definitely shouldn't attempt this run yourself.

Alternatively, you could just play the game normally, or with a friend, considering it's one of the best co-op games around.

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