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Kitase "aiming" for FFXIII 360 to ship on 3 DVDs


The 360 version of FFXIII will ship on multiple DVDs, producer Yoshinori Kitase confirmed to VG247 at GamesCom today.

"This is not the final count as we're still working on it, but we're aiming for about three discs for the Xbox 360 version," said the developer.

Kitase went on to assure that the two versions will be practically identical, although he did concede that there are likely to be "subtle differences" between the two.

"The 360 version and the PS3 version should be pretty much equal, both in terms of content and the visuals as well," he added.

"Since the hardware is different, there might be some subtle differences if you compare screenshots side by side, but the team's being very careful about the compression of the data and the visuals, so that it's exactly the same on both."

FFXIII releases this winter in Japan and next year in the US and Europe.

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