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Codemasters - There is no unannounced Climax game in the works


Remember the "unannounced title for Codemasters" Climax was hiring for on its site earlier this week? Codemasters doesn't.

"We don't have any unannounced titles we're working on with Climax, only the previously announced Overlord: Dark Legend on Wii and Overlord: Minions on DS," a rep told us today.

Climax is still carrying a job posting on its site saying it has the mysterious game in the works, as well as a "stunning and refreshing take on the horror genre and our original ground breaking next-gen game for the PS3 and the Xbox 360."

We're waiting for Climax to get back to us on this, but it looks as though someone may have put some old copy up on the site.

Glad that's cleared up.

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