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CliffyB: Call of Duty series’ back-and-forth dev style soulless

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Extra cash be damned; Epic design director Cliff Bleszinski doesn’t want your money – not if it means someone else putting their mitts on his baby. Thus was the chainsaw-gun pioneer’s answer when Develop asked him about a possible multi-team approach to the Gears of War franchise.

“We’ve got a lot of ideas about where the franchise will go,” he said. “But sometimes I feel a franchise loses something when it’s shifted off to another shop.

“You get the primary studio that really understands about the franchise, and sometimes the other studio that takes it over can do well, but there’s something lost in translation, like the game’s soul has gone.”

The man speaks the truth. We’re one bad dev cycle away from the Care Bearpocalypse. Obviously.

By Nathan Grayson

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