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COD: Vanguard Season 1 Battle Pass includes two new perks and one lethal for the first time

Usually, it's two weapons, never lethals or perks.

Call of Duty: Vanguard players with the Season 1 Battle Pass can unlock three new options across all Vanguard Loadouts, which are “set to rival” the already stiff competition between the Lethal Equipment and Perk 1 and 2 slot choices: Serpentine - Perk 1, Tier 21 and Intuition - Perk 1, Tier 44.

With Serpentine, normal sprinting will reduce incoming damage from ballistics and explosives, while Tactical Sprinting can cut damage by more than a quarter of its normal value.

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Intuition will find your vision pulsing when enemies are nearby - even through walls. Similar to High Alert in previous games, but with a shorter range, this perk allows you to perceive threats before they come around corners or through doors. This is done without the need to suppress them like Piercing Range, making it a more passive option for close-range engagements.

Also coming as part of the Battle Pass is a special Incendiary Grenade, which is considered Lethal Equipment, and is set at Tier 39. This grenade obscures an area in a white fog and burns those who come close.

The handheld is a limited version of the Firebombing Run Killstreak and deals a small burst of damage within a large radius. It will then doles out some burn damage every second to those who stay within its range. The effect scales, so the longer someone stays within the area, the longer the effects last, unlike the Thermite and Molotov Cocktail.

There’s tons more coming with Season 1 in Vanguard, so you should hit up the blog for more information.

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