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Call of Duty: Vanguard and Warzone Season 3 comes with new maps, weapons, famous movie monsters, and more

Beasts approach.

Classified Arms, the third season of Call of Duty: Vanguard and Warzone, kicks off on April 27 and brings with it two new multiplayer maps, four new weapons, the Trophy System, updated Points of Interest on Caldera, and more.

Those with the Season Three Battle Pass will find 100 Tiers of new content, including two new free weapons: the M1916 Marksman Rifle and the Nikita AVT Assault Rifle.

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If you purchase the Season Three Battle Pass, you'll get Task Force Harpy Operator Mateo Hernandez instantly at Tier 0. Two other Harpy Operators, Florence Carter, and Kim Tae Young will appear later in the store.

Completing in-game challenges will earn you two more weapons: the Sledgehammer and the H4 Blixen SMG. These can also be purchased via the corresponding Store Bundles later in the season.

In Warzone, you can expect updated POIs, new Gulag, Operation Monarch and more.

The new Monarch Dig Site Point of Interest, positioned between the Mine and the Ruins, features new excavation equipment, tents, and skeletons which you can search for Supply Boxes and other items.

Updates to Runway, Peak, and Lagoon have been made, and while Operation Monarch won’t begin until around May 11, you will find "ancient artifacts, Monarch Research equipment and facilities," and a large, glowing ax jutting out of the ground near the Resort.

There's also the new Gulag, Hold, which is based in the belly of a ship moored off the coast of Caldera.

You will also find "large creatures" stomping around. These are none other than Godzilla and King Kong, who don't seem to get along too well.

In multiplayer, you can expect two small new maps: Mayhem and Sphere. Mayhem, coming at launch, is a 1950s movie set featuring a small-scale replica of a metropolis. Coming later in the season will be Sphere, a small-scale map set within a hidden weapons lab beneath a coal mine.

The season also brings with it the Trophy System, a new Field Upgrade in Vanguard multiplayer. Basically, it neutralizes Frag Grenades, Sticky Bombs, and No. 69 Stun Grenades. The Trophy System will be available for immediate use for all Vanguard players, with no Battle Pass progress required.

A new season of Ranked Play also kicks off with new Weapon Blueprints and two new camos for use on all weapons, and finally, there's a Zombies update coming too. In it, you can expect to equip the newest Battle Pass weapons as well as complete 20 new Zombies Season Challenges.

You can also earn the KG M40 and Whitley weapons through Weapon Unlock Challenges in Zombies, available right after the season update.

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