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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 multiplayer features updated Gunsmith, water physics, more

Expect new gadgets, modes, new maps, and plenty more.

While the multiplayer reveal for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 will take place at a different date, we did learn a few nuggets of information today alongside the worldiwde campaign reveal.

According to various previews, the game will feature a revamped Gunsmith with more customization than prior, allowing you to progress multiple base weapons that are part of the same family.

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New gadgets will be available, including a field cam which you can remotely operate to see if there are enemies nearby. Another piece of equipment is a DDoS device (thanks, IGN) which releases an EMP charge to stall enemy equipment and vehicles. There's also a Drill Charge that you toss on a wall or vehicle. After it drills a hole into the target, you can toss a grenade into the opening.

With Modern Warfare 2, you can expect enhanced rendering, photogrammetry technology, and some rather swish-looking water segments, which the reveal trailer teased. Speaking of the water, IGN's preview says to expect both new and updated water physics, and the ability to use your knives and pistols underwater. While weapons will experience drag, especially bullets, equipment new to the series will adjust when used in water. One such piece of equipment is a decoy, and when inflated, mimics a soldier swimming with their gun drawn.

When it comes to modes, there will be at least two new ones: Knockout and Prisoner Rescue. The former is a round-based mode, and the latter has you either rescuing prisoners or keeping them from being taken. In both modes, if all of your teammates are eliminated, you lose the round.

Other things to note are larger lobby modes which feature from up to 64 players to 6v6. The ping system will return, and this time out features more communication options. The slide mechanic also returns and features an additional movement allowing you to dive to the ground.

You can also expect plenty of free post-launch content featuring new maps, modes, and special events.

If you're after even more Modern Warfare 2, tune in tomorrow, June 9, for Summer Game Fest's opening show, where we expect to see a longer playthrough of a campaign mission.

More multiplayer details, and of course footage, will arrive in due course.

Modern Warfare 2 arrives October 28 on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S. Those who pre-order will be given early access to the open beta, first on PlayStation.

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