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Black Ops 2: "Activision doesn't blacklist journalists"

Activision has said French journalists will not be blacklisted over the apparent leaking of Black Ops 2 last week, saying a "misunderstanding" led to several sites believing otherwise.

"Activision doesn't blacklist journalists," said the publisher in a statement given to VG247. "We believe this was a misunderstanding and are working towards a resolution." first reported that Amazon's French arm had a product listing for Black Ops 2 last Friday. It has since been removed.

Activision asked Gameblog to remove the story, but the site refused. Gameblog was then told by the publisher that it had been blacklisted.

You can read an interview with the firm's co-founder regarding the chain-of-events over on Kotaku.

French site Xboxygen was also cut-off by Activision France over the matter. The site's full statement can be read here.

Jeuxvideo also reported the listing, but has removed the story.

Activision will release its next Call of Duty game later this year.

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