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Cage: Next Quantic Dream game already "written"

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Quantic Dream boss and Heavy Rain writer David Cage has said he already has the basis of the story for his next game "written".

Speaking on last night's GameTrailers TV, he said he wants to "explore and discover new things" with the game.

"I have written the next game, so I have a very clear idea," said Cage. "It's not fully written, it still in the synopsis stage, but I have a very clear idea for where I want to go next.

"I don't want just to make some kind of sequel or whatever, I really want to continue to explore and discover new things and experiment, this is what I'm really excited about."

He further added: "It's going to be very different, and I think it's going to be very surprising."

So how far off is it, Davey? Years? Centuries?

"Yeah, maybe less than you think."

Oh. Even better.

Quantic Dream made Heavy Rain, which was released at the end of February for PS3. It has become a massive success, both critically and in terms of sales, holding a top ten position in the UK charts since its release.

Watch the full GTTV episode here.

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