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Bungie: "Safe to assume" Reach DLC will be "multiplayer-centric"


Post-release Reach campaign content? Doesn't sound like it. Maps are go, though.

"I think it's safe to assume that we're probably going to follow the type of model we have in the past, which would leave you to believe it's probably multiplayer-centric," Bungie's Brian Jarrard, speaking at gamescom last week.

The developer said, though, that he was unable to offer any solid details on DLC plans for the shooter.


In terms of general post-release support, however, Jarrard was more forthcoming.

"It's super-important to us that we keep that pedigree; we have to support the game, we have to support our community," he said.

"We do have a team of people that are dedicated to remaining focused on Reach for some length of time. I don't know exactly what that's going to entail yet. We're still working through that.

"But, realistically I can tell you that there will be a point somewhere down the road where we will transition that responsibility over to our friends at Microsoft.

"Whenever and however that finally does occur, both sides are equally vested in making sure that the game experience and the community experience is still top notch, and that nobody suffers through that."

Heavily supported

Halo 3 has been heavily supported with multiplay content since launch. Bungie release the Heroic Map Pack in December 2007, the Legendary Map Pack in April 2008, the Mythic Map Pack in April 2009 and the Mythic II Map Pack in February 2010.

No DLC has been released for Halo 3: ODST, but extra content did make a brief, apparently accidental appearance on Marketplace in mid-2009. The full game released at the end of last year.

Halo: Reach releases worldwide on September 14, and will see the largest marketing push yet from Microsoft.

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