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Bugsnax is coming to Steam, Switch, and Xbox Game Pass later this month alongside free DLC

Alongside the release you will be able to travel to the Isle of Bigsnax where the creatures are ginormous.

Bugsnax is coming to Steam, Switch, and Xbox consoles on April 28 alongside the previously announced DLC, The Isle of Bigsnax.

The game and its DLC will also be made available to Xbox Game Pass and PC Game Pass subscribers.

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Released through the Epic Games Store and on PlayStation consoles in the fall of 2020, if you are unfamiliar with Bugsnax, in it you play as an investigative journalist exploring Snaktooth Island.

Home to legendary half-bug half-snack creatures, you have been invited to the island by explorer Elizabert Megafig. You arrive to find your host no where to be found, her camp in disarray, and her followers scattered about the island. You are then tasked with discovering, hunting, and capturing all 100 of the bug-like creatures that live on the island while also "tracking down" and reuniting the island’s inhabitants.

In the DLC,you will find even more to do on the main island of the original game with new mail quests from the grumpuses to complete, hats to acquire for snax, and it will feature your very own hut to decorate and call home.

Bugsnax's main campaign takes about seven hours to complete, and the additional content in The Isle of Bigsnax takes three to four hours to complete.

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