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Borderlands 3 launches with a myriad of issues on PC

Borderlands 3 has not had the best launch on PC.

Borderlands 3 went live everywhere in the world for PC and console players alike overnight. As you'd expect, PC players were eager to jump in and do a few performance tests, despite how late the launch was for most of Europe.

Unfortunately, the launch hasn't been without a few snags. A common problem PC players reported on Reddit and Resetera is stuttering that kicks in seemingly at random. Sometimes this can happen when aiming down sights in a new area, but others have also said it can occur when moving the camera.

Although a few have found that turning Volumetric Fog and Material Complexity down to medium can alleviate the problem, others suggest setting everything to low and working your way to the desired settings from there.

Texture streaming, too, was identified as a potential setting that causes stuttering, so don't push it up too high.

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Bizarrely a few of the performance problems can be solved by closing the Epic launcher once your game has loaded up. Though it is technically supposed to help with performance, you should also stay away from DirectX 12 for now.

Generally speaking, players are not satisfied with how the game runs on their hardware, with many unable to maintain a solid 60fps in the upper-end, even with top of the line hardware.

Outside of performance issues, players have reported various other annoying bugs, such as not being able to highlight items in the inventory. This can be fixed by changing your resolution then going back to your preferred one. This needs to be done every time you launch the game, but you can navigate the menus using the keyboard until Gearbox fixes the issue.

Expect the biggest problems to bubble up as more people get their hands on the game. Until then, check out our best character builds guide before you jump in.

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