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Borderlands 3 patch improves ADS texture streaming on PC, nerfs Killavolt, more

The first Borderlands 3 patch is here with a few welcome fixes, though most of the bigger-ticket issues still remain.

Following last week's live patch, Borderlands 3 developer Gearbox has rolled out a client patch for all platforms. The download is around 400mb, so don't expect massive changes.

The biggest fix is reducing the amount of texture streaming when aiming down sights on PC. This should reduce instances of stutter when going ADS, one of the most common Borderlands 3 problems on PC. For players with very populated friends lists, random hitching would sometimes occur. This has also been fixed.

As for nerfs, the infamous Killavolt boss fight has been fixed. It turns out, his Shield Storm attack should disable the tiles around him. Previously, this attack did not disable the tiles, electrifying the entire arena. The new update also fixes a progression block in the Footsteps of Giants quests, and an issue where some players would lose Guardian Rank.

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Although the patch does include performance and general stability fixes, Gearbox admits that it only managed to fix what it could in time for the patch's release. The rest is being worked on, though still with no ETA as to when these fixes will roll out.

You can check out the full set of patch notes on the official site.

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