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Borderlands 3: here's a full video breakdown of new character Fl4k's skill tree

Lots of Borderlands 3 info is dropping ahead of the game's release, including each character's skill tree.

The Borderlands website has been updated with interactive skill trees, letting you toy and tinker with each character and figure out how you're going to build up your character ahead of the game's September 13 launch.

This new video from Arekkz focuses in on Fl4k the Beastmaster, a character that hunts his prey alongside his pets. Arekkz has dug into the new character's skill tree and gotten to grips with what it will mean to play as Fl4k.

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The skill tree lets the Beastmaster build up his pets as well as Fl4k himself. You can pick each individual pet and build up their skills, and even eventually cause them to 'evolve', giving them more powerful attacks. It's like Pokemon with more guns.

The skill tree system is pretty deep, with three different paths and a heap of abilities. Each skill tree is tied to a specific pet - follow the Stalker tree, for instance, and you can make the Jabber pet throw toxic barrels at enemies, while also unlocking a cloak ability for yourself that grants you faster movements and critical hit shots. You can even have your pet attempt to revive you if you go down on this tree, which should be very useful for solo players.

Arekkz digs into all three skill trees here, showing off Fl4k's offensive and defensive abilities across the Stalker, Hunter and Master trees. There's a lot of possibility here, so it's worth poking around and figuring out which character you like the look of in advance.

If you're after more Borderlands 3, you can also check out the game's opening minutes.

Borderlands 3 is releasing for PS4, Xbox One and PC.

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