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BlizzCon 08: Diablo III wizard class revealed, hands-ons posted

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Update 2: Blizzard just posted seven images and six Wizard movies!

Update: First direct-feed video of the Wizard clas just got posted.

BlizzCon 08 is kicking off in California as we type, and the first bit of news out of the gate is the Wizard class for Diablo III.

Not only that, the first hands-on impressions are now up. Joystiq's got a massive piece, with a playtest of the new class, and Shacknews has got a general play from the show floor. Snip from Joystiq:

Tristram is overrun with the undead, and there are plenty of horror-movie moments. You spot a struggling villager in the dark background, and he gets pulled underground by something unseen. Then blood spurts out of the hole and his dismembered arm flies out. Pretty darn cool. The zombies are very low level and easy to take down with our female Wizard, who has a very nice ranged magic missile sort of attack (spell names forthcoming from us when we aren't hurried), and she has a close-range lightning attack that can save your butt when you're in the thick of it.

Top of our list. Get to it.

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