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Black Ops 2: early players won't have stats reset at launch, PC getting 90 FOV post-launch

Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 has fallen into the hands of gamers ahead of its launch at midnight tonight. Treyarch's David Vonderhaar has explained that those playing early will not have their stats reset at launch, unless they obtained their copy illegally. The studio has also tweeted that it is working on a FOV patch for the PC build that ups the range from 80 to 90. More details and quotes below.

MP1st reports that game design director at Treyarch David Vonderhaar discussed the plans for pre-release players on Twitter. It came as certain retailers broke the game's street date.

Vonderhaar said of the matter, "FAQ. Will people be reset? A. Read the previously linked Security/Enforcement policy. Unless you are a bad person doing bad things, no."

Earlier Vonderhaar shed light on what might happen to people doing 'bad things' in this tweet, "We know if you cheated. GG SCRUB CHEATER. DQ PERMA-BAN."

On the issue of Black Ops 2's FOV, Treyarch recently stated that the view would be capped at 80, much to the displeasure of many gamers on Twitter. However, one of Treyarch's PC developers tweeted, "On the post-launch patch task list: 90 FOV," suggesting that a fix is in the works.

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