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Black Ops 2: Activision "looking at appropriate action" against early sellers

Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 launches worldwide tomorrow the 13th of November, although a few retailers broke the street date recently. An Activision exec has revealed that the publisher is now looking at 'appropriate action' against offenders.

Speaking with MCV, Activision's UK MD Peter Hepworth championed vigilant retailers for standing firm, while promising retribution against offenders.

He said, "We take street dates very seriously. The vast, vast majority has held the line. Everyone wants the big community event at midnight when the sales come through. I am aware of some exceptions.

"We are looking at appropriate action. But we are pleased to say we have got the support of all of the retail partners, and they are not causing these issues. They want to help us celebrate it at midnight tonight."

If you're planning on buying the game from tomorrow, you can get all of he cheapest prices from our handy UK price round-up here:

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