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BioWare reveals Mass Effect 2 stats


Did you know that the most-played class in Mass Effect 2 is Soldier, more so then any other class combined? No? Did you know that only two PC players finished it 28 times and it was completed 23 times by four players on 360? You do now.

IGN's posted up some interesting stats on the BioWare RPG, which shows that half of players imported a save over from Mass Effect 1.

Why the stats? It's to help the developer get its s**t together for Mass Effect 3 and any other sequels, obviously. Not that it ever needs to get it together, to be honest.

"The only data that we get are in terms of events -- little things that happen in the game," explained series producer Casey Hudson.

"Let's say if we want to know whether players skip lines of dialogue, we can have that become a little event that gets sent up. It's all completely anonymous, so all we get is raw numbers for how many times these kinds of events occur."

Hudson said these stats are only used for building games from the ground up, so don't expect feedback to be going into DLC, like the release of Lair of the Shadowbroker today, or the PS3 port of the game next year.

"There are some things regarding difficulty and weapons and things like that and those are easier to tune, but there won't be a huge opportunity to include this stuff for the PS3 version," he said.

"It's about how you design a game from the ground up."

There's a whole lot more through the link.

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