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BioWare explains reason behind Dragon Age: Origins Collector's Edition


BioWare's Mike Laidlaw has said that the reason the firm wanted to create a Collector's Edition for Dragon Age: Origins was because not only is such a thing a "fantasy RPG tradition", but the developers wanted to give customers another way to "dive into this bran new world".

"An extravagant collector's edition is one of those fantasy RPG traditions, and frankly the world of Dragon Age is one we want to share with people," he told D'toid. "Cloth maps, additional in-game content and the soundtrack are all part of letting people dive into this brand new world, and BioWare's always had a tradition of providing value for your money.

"Ultimately, though, let’s ignore the word 'collector' and look at the options: you can buy a fantastic game, or you can spend a bit more to get that game with additional thematic stuff. Nothing to justify there, it’s just two ways to purchase the game. I suppose we could call it the 'Extra Stuff Edition' but that really doesn’t have the same ring."

There's plenty more through the link.

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